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Something for your body and spirit

 Garden sauna, Russian banya, steam bath, barrel sauna … many names, but they always have the same meaning! Relaxation and heath based on the beneficial effects of high temperature! The list including all advantages of sauna is infinitely long. The most important benefits of a sauna include among other:
stimulation of metabolism  
increased immunity
relief of pain in the spine and muscles
cleansing and care of skin
improved blood circulation  
stress reduction
deep relaxation
 Russian banya is a real ritual and exceptional relaxation. It is also a way to spend time with friends. Furthermore, making use of banya has a beneficial effect on your body. The alternating exposure of the body to heat and cold makes the body tough and strengthens its immunity. It also affects positively the blood circulation and respiratory system. Heat and stimulation of microcirculation in the skin causes an intensive perspiration and in consequence facilitates removal of superfluous products of metabolism and toxins. 
The versatility of sauna
 The banya phenomenon consists in the fact that every condition and every time is good to use it – because it always brings a good mood and relief after a hard day. Moreover, it allows for a quick regeneration of strength.
You can use banya alone, with your family, friends or business partners. Every kind of such bath is special. However, in many cases you should reserve an appropriate amount of time, since haste is banya’s worst enemy. But one must admit that sometimes it is also powerless against the overwhelming heat …
  Bath tub with heated water is a garden mini-spa that makes a relaxing open-air bath in winter available not only to fans of polar bear plunge. Hot bath atmosphere, light snacks and favourite beverages will be a perfect occasion to have a common fun. Not only during the day but also at night. And maybe even until morning ….
While enjoying the bath in a barrel you can also take care of your health. Relaxation in hot vapours calms the mind and makes the body tough. Effects of a bath in a barrel can be compared to sauna benefits. In bath tubes, heated up to a high temperature, you can rest on special benches, making sure that the heart is situated always above the water level. The bath tubes can be also used as places, where you can cool your body after treatment in a traditional sauna. Filled for a change with cold water, they will instantly refresh your body and wake up the lazy senses.

The heat of the water relieves pain and reduces the tension, its displacement gives the impression of lightness, and thanks to its massaging properties you can feel relaxed and beautiful. Due to the ergonomic shape, nozzles massaging the body and additional aromatherapy systems, those facilities make it possible to use all healing properties of water. In the delightful mood of relaxation you will be also put by soothing sounds of music or a silent murmur of the waterfall.

A winter bath is a perfect kind of relaxation with family, having fun with friends and a romantic evening for two.

In winter, when the evening comes much faster, the delicate light sequences, combined with hot water will make an exceptional scenery for a relaxing bath.



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