Villa Amber Gąski

holiday at seaside

Holiday at seaside

Villa Amber invites

Comfortable equipment

Houses at Seaside


Villa Amber Gąski

Your relax and joy


Comfortable furnished rooms and houses by the sea

Villa Amber Gąski

We especially recommend this place to families. The villa is located in a quiet area and in close proximity to the Baltic Sea. The beautiful, wide and sandy beach is just a few minutes’ walk away. Check out the promotional packages and book your stay!


Morning walk by the sea? It’s only 300 m to the sandy area. You will get there in just a few minutes. And what do you think, how fast would you run into?

For children

And what after a tasty meal and a large dose of iodine?
Children are invited to our approved playground:

And in the readiness phase there will be waiting: toys, bikes, books, coloring books.

Stay with animals

Give your four-legged a holiday.
Changing the climate on the seaside is conducive to improving mood.
You will witness how much joy can give a sandy beach, full of buried sticks.

Interested in Gąski - Villa Amber

Villa Amber Gąski – comfortable rooms and houses.
We area small, year-round, family facility in Gąski.
We invite you to a quiet town with a clean and wide beach.
We guarantee clean air without smog!
We encourage you to use our wood-fired sauna.

There is a great seaside microclimate here,
and the attractive and peaceful neighborhood is a great place for those seeking seclusion and intimacy.

We want to provide our clients with a friendly atmosphere throughout their stay in the Villa.

Villa Amber Gąski

Let’s take a look at our Villa Amber’s presentation:

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