Lighthouse in Gąski

The greatest tourist attraction is without doubt the lighthouse in Gąski. It was erected in winter 1877/78, is 50,2m tall, what makes it the second largest lighthouse in Poland. On massive foundations rests the octagonal base plate with diameter 11,3 m. The light of the lighthouse is visible in good weather from the distance of 19,5 sea miles, i.e. from about 36 km.

It is available for sightseeing. To the top leads a spiral staircase and the view from the terrace is breathtaking.

Fishing wharf in Unieście
The fishing wharf in Unieście is often visited by tourists. Here you can buy fish coming directly from the sea or freshly smoked eel, salmon, halibut, herring and other kinds of fish. Visitors from other regions of Poland watch with interest the fishers working in their boats and at the fishing nets.

Fishing wharf in Chłopy
The fishing wharf is often visited by holidaymakers who want to have a fish coming directly from the sea.

There is also no lack of tasty sea fish that is fried and smoked on the spot.

Seaside route – red marking – 45 km long

Route: Pleśna – Gąski Lighthouse – Sarbinowo – Mielno – Strzeżenica – Dobiesławiec – Mścice – Jamno – Łabusz – Osieki – Iwęcino – Bielkowo

The route runs along the Baltic Sea coast. It is part of an international cycle route. On the way there are many landmarks and natural monuments.

Worth seeing are:

Lighthouse in Gąski, constructed between 1876 and 1877, open for tourists.

Gothic Resurgence church from the 19th century in Sarbinowo, with an octagonal tower.

Village Chłopy with unique timbered houses.

Walking route:
Seaside route – red marking – 39 km long
Route: Pleśna – Gąski Lighthouse – Sarbinowo – Chłopy – Mielno – Unieście – Łazy – Dąbki

Part of the international route which starts in France. It runs through seaside villages and towns.

Attractions on Jamno Lake:
The whole lake is situated in the commune of Mielno. Its average depth is 1,4 m, and the maximal depth is 3,9 m. The lake evolved from the former sea bay; two rivers, called Dzierżęcinka and Uniesta, flow into it. The Jamno Lake is connected with the Baltic Sea by a canal called Jamieński Nurt (Jamno Lake Stream), located approx. 2 km past Unieście. During sea storms, the canal estuary is often blocked up.

The predominant fish species in Jamno Lake waters are: bream, sander, and European eel. Other fish species present in the lake are as follows: common pike, tench, crucian, European perch, roach, silver bream, ruff, and brown trout. The lake is also habitat of river lamprey, which is a strict protected species in Poland.

At Jamno Lake there are some water equipment rentals offering rental of following equipment:
– water bikes,
– rowing boats,
– motor boats
Speedboat rides are also offered.

One of the greatest attractions is cruises by the small ship called Mila. “Mila” sails out every day and you can find her at the end of the jetty, near the TRAMP wharf. The Club’s yacht wharf is located at 32 Chrobry Street, at Jamno Lake. It is a few hectare large area with two jetties coming down into the lake. On the central spot a tall mast, stylized as a sailboat mast and a peculiar monument, actually the hull of the sailboat “Seahorse” are located

Angling in Mielno

Angling fans can buy special permissions in the Fish Farm in Mielno.
They entitle to angling with spinning rod and with two fishing rods within the area of Jamno Lake.