Sauna and jacuzzi

Garden sauna, Russian banya, steam bath, barrel sauna … many names, but they always have the same meaning! Relaxation and heath based on the beneficial effects of high temperature! The list including all advantages of sauna is infinitely long. The most important benefits of a sauna include among other:

  • stimulation of metabolism
  • increased immunity
  • relief of pain in the spine and muscles
  • cleansing and care of skin
  • improved blood circulation
  • stress reduction
  • deep relaxation

Russian banya is a real ritual and exceptional relaxation. It is also a way to spend time with friends. Furthermore, making use of banya has a beneficial effect on your body.
The alternating exposure of the body to heat and cold makes the body tough and strengthens its immunity.
It also affects positively the blood circulation and respiratory system. Heat and stimulation of microcirculation in the skin causes an intensive perspiration and in consequence facilitates removal of superfluous products of metabolism and toxins.

The heated wooden whirlpool is perfect for outdoor’s relax. A bath in a water barrel is compared to the advantages of a sauna.The tub can also be used as a place to cool the body after treatments in a traditional sauna. Filled with cold water for a change, it allows for rapid regeneration, relieves pain, strengthens the body’s immunity.